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Company Overview

Holmes Investment Properties Plc (“HIP Plc”) is a UK property investment company that works with high-quality leisure operators for whom it sources, funds and develops new leisure destinations and adventure parks, in return for a long-term tenancy commitment.

The leisure market is growing much more rapidly than both the retail sector and GDP in the UK and families are looking for a great day out and demanding more ‘active’ leisure entertainment. HIP Plc is focused on capitalising on these investments which are one of the few real estate opportunities offering leases up to, and exceeding, 25 years.


Company Subsidiaries

The Company operates through three entities, Everyone Entertained Ltd, UK Adventure Parks and Ashtour Ltd. To date, HIP Plc has secured exclusive agreements with two key leisure activity operators to source, fund and develop a minimum of 12 adventure parks each over the next 5 years.  These include:


Everyone Entertained, in which HIP Plc is a 30% shareholder, is a brand that aims to deliver multi-activity leisure venues geared to catering for families, parties and people of all ages and abilities. Activities include adventure golf, laser quest, escape room, large soft play and high rope courses.

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Adrenaline World

Adrenaline World, in which HIP Plc is a 15% shareholder, is a concept developed by David Lloyd Adventure Parks, to provide indoor and outdoor activities in a single location aimed at families and the corporate events market.

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In January 2018, the Company completed its first acquisition of Ashtour Limited, the company which owns and operates World of Golf in Croydon, UK. HIP Plc is now focused on making further investments into this profitable business, upgrading the current offering and expanding the site to include other leisure activities.

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